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Guide To Cheeky Cleaning

Thank you for your interest in The Cheeky Cleaning Company!


We pride ourselves on being the very best in the industry and we insist our Maids and Butlers work to our same high standards.


We have a lot of information regarding the rules, terms and conditions and also a guide to explain the process of what happens in a typical appointment so please take a moment to read through the below information which we hope you will find useful: 


  1. Application filled in and submitted online 

  2. A member of the Cheeky team will either meet with you or conduct a zoom call in order to interview you. We will not accept anyone on to our books that we have not seen and spoken with.  We will go through all the details of the role, what we expect from you and what you can expect in the interview and its a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

  3. Once you have been selected to join the team we will send you any additional information you need to read or agree to. We do not tolerate anyone who offers any extras or sexual services on the side. 

  4. We will ask you to send us a selection of photos for use on your profile that we will create for you. We may ask to use these photos to promote you and the company on social media and our website. The photos do not have to be the same as the ones you originally submitted in your application. We have strict guidelines on what photos we accept which are outlined in the terms of engagement. 

  5. When we get enquiries we send a selection of profiles to the clients to choose from. 

  6. If you are selected then we will contact you to check your availability and give you details of the job. You are under no obligation to accept. You may be asked to wear particular outfits or costumes which you must supply yourself unless we make special arrangements for the client to provide items for you. Anything you wear must be clean, fresh and smart. It is unacceptable to wear tatty items or things that are not clean.

  7. If you agree you will be sent a detailed job sheet  with all the information you will need on it including a breakdown of your pay. 

  8. We will confirm with you the day before the appointment. 

  9. You will need to let us know when you are on the way to the appointment and that you arrive on time. 

  10. Ask to be shown around the property and the areas they want you to work in so that you feel familiar and safe with your surroundings. Try to agree with the client what you feel is achievable for what they want done given the time slot. 

  11. If you are comfortable and feel happy to proceed then the client will pay you cash before you get to work.

  12. The client will have been instructed to show you to a private area for you to change.

  13. You must check in with us at this time by calling or texting to let us know you are safe and comfortable with the client. If we do not hear from you or cannot get through to you we may be forced to contact the police. 

  14. We have never had any bad experiences  with clients stepping too far or making advances before, but you must always keep your wits about you and take action if you feel unsafe. 

  15. Chat and be as fun and friendly as you can with the client. A lot of the time the company is what they enjoy more than the cleaning so let your personality shine. 

  16. We advise not to accept food or drinks from the client but you may take your own  non alcoholic drink to stay hydrated during the session. 

  17. Clients are always vetted, spoken to and have to sign the Terms and Conditions. We will never book for a client we feel may have questionable motives or that we don’t feel 100% comfortable with. If any of the rules are broken or you feel uncomfortable during the appointment then leave immediately and contact us. 

  18. Keep track of time and try to get as much as possible done for the client before the end of the session. 

  19. Give the client a 30 min warning when you have only half an hour left so that you can make time for any specific things they really wanted cleaned or ironed etc. 

  20. When the appointment is over you can go and change privately before you leave. 

  21. Thank the client and confirm they were happy with your work.

  22. You must not exchange personal or contact details with the client or accept any further work that does not go through The Cheeky cleaning Company. 

  23. When you leave the property you must let us know by call or text

  24. We will follow up with you shortly after the appointment to see how you got on and to get some feedback

  25. The client will be contacted and asked for feedback on your performance 


It is vital that you conduct yourself with complete discretion and professionalism at all times. You must be dedicated to providing a top level service and exceptional cleaning, ironing and maid or butler duties. We work towards getting 5 star reviews from clients and anyone we feel is not reaching those standards will be removed from our books. 


We offer general cleaning, maid and companion services with options of clothed through to fully nude. 


You will always work a minimum of 2 hours at the below rates of pay 


You will always keep 100% of your travel costs (if you incur any). 


Clients will be made aware of the exact fee and to pay you in cash on arrival at the appointment.


Rates may vary depending on special discounts we may offer clients. We will always confirm the exact rate of pay before confirming a booking with you.  



  • Clothed: £60 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£30 for each additional hour)

  • Lingerie / French Maid: £96 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£48 for each additional hour)

  • Topless: £108 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£54 for each additional hour)

  • Nude: £120 per 2 HOUR SESSION (£60 for each additional hour)



  • Clothed: £60 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£30 for each additional hour)

  • Topless: £72 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£36 for each additional hour)

  • Nude: £84 per 2 HOUR SESSION (£42 for each additional hour)


You must supply your own lingerie and costumes.


Clients will supply the cleaning products but we will send you a list of recommended items to take with you such as disposable gloves and wipes in order to keep yourself clean.



Please also read through the following information either attached or online so that you are aware of all of our rules, services and facts: 


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