About Us


The Cheeky Cleaning Company is a small, elite company founded by an experienced and established maid who saw an opportunity to start a superior enterprise offering a "step up" in terms of service compared to most other agencies. 


"Regular feedback from clients telling me about their disappointing experiences with other companies inspired me to set up my own business to do things properly.


Instead of just letting anyone load up a photo and join us, I meet all our applicants and speak to all our clients prior to their bookings which is how we are able to offer a much more personal, reliable and safe service.


This approach means we are smaller for now, but we intend to grow strong and steady ensuring our standards and reputation remain sky high. We all really enjoy the job and that shows in how much the clients enjoy the experience" 


- Miss - V (Founder) @the.missv

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Established, experienced, sophisticated & reliable.

A real "step up" from other agencies.