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Feel Great



Whether you are a regular or completely new to this, rest assured we will make sure you have fun and feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and body confidence is important for us all so we promote having a positive self image and feeling good about yourself.


With this in mind we allow clients to be naked too if that is something they wish to do, in fact we recommend it... 


100% of clients who have stripped off say they feel an elated sense of freedom when they let go of inhibitions in the safe environment we create so why not give it a try? 

*Please note we do require clients to follow a strict code of conduct including a "no touching the cleaner or yourself" rule so please ensure you are familiar with our Terms & Conditions before booking*

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Why Choose Cheeky



We don't use stock photos like all other agencies do. All the images we use are of our own gorgeous staff you can actually book

*Beware of misleading images elsewhere, most pictures you will see on other sites are of models not associated with the cleaning company you are looking at.




We have 100% good feedback, five star reviews and our reputation for being the most reliable and trustworthy in the business proceeds us. This is something we pride ourselves on and exceptional customer care and superior service is what sets us apart.




Other agencies will let anyone send in a photo and join their books without ever speaking to them or checking them out. We feel this is irresponsible for both the client and the cleaner because it means having no quality control over the service provided which this often leads to disappointment for the client and can even cause safety issues for both parties.


We don't believe this is good practice so we personally vet each and every applicant and only those who meet our strict standards will be accepted and trusted to join our elite team. 

These measures also apply to our clients  too.

We will never take a booking without a chat on the phone to ensure this is the right service for them and that there is no misunderstanding about what we do or our limitations and rules.



We offer a totally personalised service for each and every client so no appointment is the same and you get to design the experience and tailor the cleaning and maid services as you wish. Within the realms of our terms and conditions - anything is possible! 



We don't charge membership or joining fees like many other agencies do - watch out for this with unreputable companies. You only pay for the hours you book and travel if it is outside our 'free travel zone' and we don't have any hidden costs. We will give you the exact price before confirming you appointment and we are often running promotions and discounts that can make the experience even sweeter! 




We take care of our wonderful clients and the more you book, the more special personalised offers you receive. We are currently working on creating packages and perks for our most loyal clients so stay tuned as we will be launching this very soon...



We are a professional outfit fun by established industry leaders with 20 years of experience in the luxury market and high end celebrity and VIP client services. We know the value of complete discretion and work hard to ensure we manage every aspect of the business to the best of our abilities but we also value your opinion and any feedback or suggestions you may have that may help us to improve. 

Cheeky Logos BUM-10.png
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