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Terms & Conditions 



This is an agreement between the client and The Cheeky Cleaning Company (hereby referred to as TCCC) and our staff who carry out the below agreed domestic cleaning and maid services in either their lingerie, topless, or in the nude.


TCCC will engage the client on completion of the ‘BOOKING FORM’ and declaration that the client does agree to and will adhere to TCCC terms and conditions as set out below:




  1. The address registered with us on the booking form is the only one we will attend.


  1. Unless agreed prior to the booking, there may only be one person present for the duration of the appointment. It is possible to book as a couple, but this must be agreed before the appointment begins.


  1. Our maids must be paid in full on arrival to the clients property. Failure to make an upfront payment will negate the agreement and the maid will leave the property.


  1. On arrival, the maid will take a quick look around the clients property to assess and discuss with the client where they would like her to begin, and what aspects of cleaning or laundry they wish her to focus on.


  1. For safety, the maid will contact the TCCC office on arrival and on departure of the booking.


  1. At any time the maid is free to terminate the appointment should she feel under threat or if any inappropriate behaviour or advances are made.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to initiate any physical contact or sexual advances and any such behaviour will result in the client being reported and black listed. We are not an escort agency and do not offer "extras" of any kind.


  1. Photography or recording of any kind is not permitted at any time.


  1. The client must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the appointment.


  1. The client must not offer drugs, alcohol or illicit substances to the maids at any time.


  1. The client is permitted to enjoy the appointment in the nude if agreed  at the time of booking, at the discretion of the cleaner, and on condition that personal space and social distancing is demonstrated throughout.


  1. The client must not attempt to offer the cleaners direct bookings bypassing TCCC. This will result in a 'poaching' fine.


  1. It is the responsibility of the client to supply the cleaner with cleaning materials/equipment.


  1. Cleaners will arrive in a discreet manner and dressed in smart casual attire.

  2. We will always check with the client where they wish their maid to park and of the level of discretion required for example parking away from the house but within a maximum one minute walk.


  1. To avoid time wasters and cancellations we implement a non-refundable deposit of 40% per booking (this excludes online bookings which we take full payment for at the time of booking). This is a DEPOSIT AND NOT A BOOKING FEE so it will be DEDUCTED from your final fee on the day and is NOT an added charge. We do not charge additional booking or membership fees. The deposit is payable by transfer and all details will be on your booking form and are on our FAQ’s page. If you do need to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible and we will happily rearrange you booking and you can transfer the deposit to a more convenient day. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the appointment, we will immediately refund your deposit in full unless you wish to transfer the booking. 




The TCCC Maids may be required to carry out the following light domestic duties:


Vacuuming, general tidying, making beds, washing/drying up, polishing and dusting, cleaning of bathrooms & kitchens, sweeping/mopping floors, dusting and cleaning of internal windows, serving light snacks and drinks.


TCCC Maids shall not carry out any of the below service:


Cleaning ovens, emptying kitchen bins (waste paper baskets and bins are acceptable), unblocking drains, services that require the use of strong chemicals, no deep cleans, or excessive lifting of heavy items, no cleaning any other areas that pose any kind of risk to the cleaner’s health & safety or at any height (feet must always remain on floor).


The cleaner reserves the right to decline the use of any material/equipment that appears unsafe.


TCCC accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage sustained to the clients property, however cleaners are advised to acquire public liability insurance.






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