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Terms of Engagement

Between The Cheeky Cleaning Company and the ‘Worker’

'Worker' refers to Cleaner, Ironer, Maid, Butler, Gardener or Companion

'Client' refers to the customer

'TCCC' refers to the company, The Cheeky Cleaning Company




  • Your duties may include hoovering, dusting , changing beds, sweeping and mopping, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, serving light snacks, drinks, ironing and folding clothes. 

  • Cleaners will NOT clean ovens, insides of fridges / microwaves, carry or lift anything heavy, climb up on chairs etc to clean. 

  • You must look smart and discreet when you arrive and leave the clients property.

  • We are a highly regarded and respectable company and at no time should you tolerate anyone asking for “extras” of any kind. We have a zero tolerance policy on clients making advances as well as staff offering any additional services and anyone found to be breaking these rules (which are set to protect both parties and our reputation) will be black listed and reported. 

  • Once you have confirmed you are available for a booking we will send you a full confirmation email with the clients address, booking requirements, hours and details of your fee. 

  • All bookings are a minimum of 2 hours long but if the client has requested longer we will let you know at the time of booking you.

  • If the client would like to extend the time you are booked for while you are there then please ask them to contact us to arrange this and we will also need to speak to you to confirm this is something you want to do.. 

  • All cleaning products must be provided by the client but we recommend taking the following items with you: 

*Disposable gloves 

*Hand sanitiser 

*Bottled water / soft drink 

*Antibacterial surface wipes 

*The outfit shoes that was requested 

*Your phone - fully charged 

*A watch to keep track of time 

*Never take valuables or cash

  • On arrival, ask the client to show you around and tell you what rooms and tasks they want you to focus on so you can manage your time and set their expectations. This will also allow you to ensure no one else is there and to feel more familiar and comfortable with your surroundings. 

  • You will have a private place to undress/change once inside the property.

  • If more than one person is present at the premises or you feel uncomfortable, leave and contact TCCC (unless this has otherwise been agreed between ourselves).

  • Once you are happy to proceed the client will pay you cash directly before you begin. Clients are aware that this is the process and will be prepared so don’t fee awkward asking. This money is 100% yours and there are no additional fees or charges to pay back to TCCC.

  • If you believe the client is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs you must leave the premises and contact TCCC.

  • Under no circumstances should you be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs during the service.

  • Please ensure you contact TCCC via text or email at the end of your appointment and once you have left the premises so we are sure that you are safe and all went well. If we do not hear from you we may need to contact the police so please set a reminder on your phone.  

  • We do not take responsibility for any accidents or health and safety issues during your appointment. 

  • It is your own responsibility to take out personal liability insurance.

  • TCCC accepts no responsibility for the worker's safety during the duration of the service. TCCC do not provide workers with a 'place of work' therefore any potential issues/concerns regarding personal safety need to be seriously considered by the worker before commencing.

  • You must be prepared to carry out your cleaning/ironing/maid/gardening duties wearing up to no clothes for the duration of the service or according to the requests of the client should they ask for lingerie, topless or fantasy dress.

  • The worker will arrive in smart casual dress ideally all black and with a discreet bag containing your clothes to change into. No jeans, ripped clothing, no trainers, caps or tracksuits. 

  • You must present yourself as a smart and professional individual and represent the five star reputation of The Cheeky Cleaning Company at all times.

  • In the unlikely event you arrive at a client's house and they are not home, TCCC are not liable for any transport/petrol costs you have incurred. 

  • You will be a contract worker and TCCC will act as an 'arranger' between yourself and our clients.

  • TCCC is not an employer and therefore has no responsibility towards the worker.

  • All workers must be over the age of 25. We will need to see proof of your age before we are able to introduce you to your first client.

  • Work is arranged and offered on an 'ad hoc' basis. TCCC are under no obligation to offer work and workers are under no obligation to accept.

  • You must not ever contact the client directly. All contact needs to go via TCCC 

  • TCCC reserves the right at any time to terminate this agreement without notice if any of the above are not adhered to.  

  • You must not engage in a 'private' arrangement with the client. Any known poaching of clients will result in a fine of £2000 and this agreement will be terminated with immediate effect, meaning TCCC will not introduce you to further clients.

  • We ask that you do not ever cancel an appointment unless it is 100% unavoidable. To date we have never let a client down and our reliability is one of the things clients love the most. If you need to cancel then you must let us know as soon as possible and also offer an alternative date that we can suggest this to the client. In some circumstances we may offer a small discount to the client to make up for inconvenience. This will come out of the final fee of the worker who cancelled. 

  • Any workers that are “no shows” will be immediately blacklisted.

  • Please ensure you are perfectly turned out at all times, have clean hair, nails and clothes and that you are immaculately turned out at all times.



  • Clients will have been sent a confirmation email outlining the service to expect, the process to  follow and of course signed agreement to our Terms and Conditions. 

  • Clients are completely aware of the rules and boundaries and of the consequences should they cross the boundaries. 

  • We carefully vet and speak to every single client to ensure this is the right service for them and that there is no misunderstanding of what we DO & DO NOT provide.

  • If clients become 'excited' during the service then please act professionally and discreetly. It is something clients worry about a lot and it's our job to make them feel at ease and not to be embarrassed about. 

  • Clients are aware that they must NOT masturbate whilst you are in the premises. If they do please leave immediately and contact us.

  • Do not engage in any physical and/or sexual contact with the client. If you are propositioned by the client, leave immediately and contact TCCC.

  • Do not provide 'extras' to clients either for free or for payment. This includes giving consent for photos/film to be taken of you. 





  • You must supply your own photos for your profile and promotion

  • They must be clear and to a high resolution 

  • Without good photos we will not promote you 

  • You will need to supply at least 4 photos but feel free to send us more so we can rotate them and use them for social media.

  • The photos you provide to us may be used on your profile, used to promote you and used to promote the company across social media. If you do not wish us to use your photos across any of these platforms then please inform us immediately. 

  • We can recommend photographers to you who can create a portfolio for you at a preferred rate. 

  • We will need a min 2 head shots and 2 full length photos

  • Lingerie photos and those showing off your best assets are ideal.

  • If you have maid or butler outfits please wear these. 

  • We do not accept nude photos. 

  • You must not have anyone else in the photo with you

  • Please ensure a clear background so no pictures of you in front of windows, piles or washing or messy backdrops. 

  • These images are YOUR selling point so please make them as good as possible

  • If you need some guidelines and inspiration of how to pose and set up your shot then please see our instagram pages which will show you what we deem acceptable. 





  • We will create a profile for you once you have been accepted onto our books. 

  • Your profile will be kept private and only sent to clients once they have made an inquiry. We do not currently show them online.

  • Your profile will display your photos, first name (stage name if you have one) , the locations you cover, your stats and a small blurb about yourself. 

  • We may use your photos to promote you on social media and showcase our new staff. If you are not happy with this then please inform us.




  • Your information is kept strictly confidential on a password protected device. FOR OUR FULL PRIVACY DISCLOSURE PLEASE SEE LINK ON SITE. THESE RULES APPLY TO BOTH YOU AND THE CLIENTS ALIKE IN TERMS OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOUR DATA. We will never share any of your personal information with clients. 

  • For your own safety and privacy please never share your personal details with the client. 

  • We only provide your first name (or your stage name) to the client

  • If, at any time you decide you no longer want to work with TCCC please let us know and we will remove and destroy any images and personal data we hold on you. 




  • Gardening and handyman service includes moving the lawn, weeding, general gardening, watering plants and grass and may also include some lifting and odd jobs around the house. If you do not feel comfortable doing the job or are asked to do something which requires a professional skill that you are not qualified for then please explain this to the client and do not take any risks. 

  • Butler service may include more than one guest being at the property (agreed in advance) but for parties or groups we will send more than one butler in order to make the booking more manageable.

  • You will be told exactly what to wear for the appointment prior to the booking confirmation to ensure you are comfortable and prepared to do the appointment. 




  • With a client in a set location at a set time. It may involve going for dinner, drinks, the theatre etc.

  • All companion services are a min 2 hour long.

  • The client (s) may be dressed or naked during the service (if around the house or the garden)

  • We do not arrange overnight companion services.

  • We are not an escort agency and operate our own rules and carefully discuss the clients expectations and requirements before appointments just the same as when organising cleaning bookings - the same rules apply. 

  • Our companion service developed because clients enjoyed the company and fun they had so much that they wanted more time together even after the cleaning was done so we decided to offer a companion service too.




  • Being a party host can vary hugely depending on the occasion and clients requirements. 

  • All bookings will be a minimum of 2 hours long.

  • Party booking can be for a larger number of people so you may be working with other members of the Cheeky Team.

  • Duties can include serving drinks, welcoming guests, entertaining guests, tidying up, dressing up, dancing and much more.

  • Each booking will be individually created and we will discuss with you what the responsibilities will be before we confirm a booking.  




We offer general cleaning, maid and companion services with options of clothed through to fully nude. 


The Cheeky Cleaning company is not responsible for and will not pay you. The client will always be the one paying you cash on arrival. 


You will always work a minimum of 2 hours at the below rates of pay 


You will always keep 100% of your travel costs (if you incur any). 


Clients will be made aware of the exact fee and to pay you in cash on arrival at the appointment.


Rates may vary depending on special discounts we may offer clients. We will always confirm the exact rate of pay before confirming a booking with you.  



  • Clothed: £60 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£30 for each additional hour)

  • Lingerie / French Maid: £96 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£48 for each additional hour)

  • Topless: £108 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£54 for each additional hour)

  • Nude: £120 per 2 HOUR SESSION (£60 for each additional hour)



  • Clothed: £60 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£30 for each additional hour)

  • Topless: £72 PER 2 HOUR SESSION (£36 for each additional hour)

  • Nude: £84 per 2 HOUR SESSION (£42 for each additional hour)




  • Always take disposable gloves with you to appointments. Clients often don’t have them and it will help you stay clean and also protect your hands and nails from cleaning products or dirt. 

  • Take your own drinks. Always take bottled water or soft drinks with you to stay hydrated as cleaning can be hard work and you are likely to get thirty. 

  • We advise that you do not accept refreshments from the clients especially if you have not seen them make it. 

  • Take hand sanitiser to use between cleaning

  • Antibacterial wipes are very handy to have with you. A pack is about 80p and in case the client does not have any you will find it preferable to use wipes than washing out a cloth or duster many times for some areas of cleaning. 

  • Charge your phone so it has full battery when you are at an appointment and you are sure you can make calls to check in the TCCC when needed.

  • Set a reminder to text or call to check in with us when you are at appointments. If we do not hear from you then we may need to take action to ensure your safety. 

  • Never take any unnecessary valuables with you just in case they are lost or damaged. 

  • Wear a watch to keep track of time as it doesn't look professional to keep checking the time on your phone. 

  • Apart from TCCC knowing your exact location we recommend that you share where you will be going with another friend or family member. 

  • Decide what you are comfortable talking about before the appointment so that you do not feel put on the spot if clients asks you personal questions. Politely change the subject or steer the conversation elsewhere if you are not happy with the subject matter. Usually clients want to talk about themselves more than anything else so be interested and ask them lots of questions to keep them engaged. 

  • Always arrive looking and smelling fresh and fabulous with a big smile and an enthusiastic approach. 



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