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Updated: Feb 12


Welcome to the new lifestyle choice which is sweeping the nation and becoming in increasingly popular with men and women alike all in the name of good clean fun with a cheeky twist! #nakedcleaning

Although it was popular before lockdown, #nudecleaning has become a huge trend with people from all walks of life giving it a go and embracing the fun of doing something exciting and new to lift their spirits and feel good so there is nothing to feel ashamed about if you want to give it a try - you'll be joining thousands of others who want to break the mould and enjoy!

Lock down has been really tough in particular on those who have been living alone or working from home during the pandemic so we have been thrilled to serve those who needed us as soon as it was safe to do so, and in-between we have met many clients online for virtual appointments that have kept spirits up and provided great company and laughter where needed.

The Cheeky Cleaning Cleaning Company prides itself on offering the highest possible level of service with only the most lovely, gorgeous, charming, kind, professional and experienced cleaners, butlers and maids however it is a common misconception that nude cleaning is a sexual service which I wish to make clear is not the case at all.

Of course, there are always some companies and cleaners who will do anything for a bit of extra cash but we work very hard to stay away fro these seedy connotations and to protect our clients and staff so they feel comfortable that there is no expectation or pressure on either side for any kind of extras or unwanted advances during our appointments.

We absolutely understand that our service can be exciting and clients can get aroused but we are 100% professional and this is not a problem - we simply carry on and respect each others personal space and boundaries (according to the terms and conditions laid out before the appointment) and there is no need for embarrassment or problems.

We carry out basic #cleaningservices , home organising, dusting, ironing, cooking, laundry, bed making, car cleaning, dog walking or just general company while doing menial tasks or things you don't want to yourself or alone. We take the time to discuss and tailor an appointment just for you so that we ensure you get the best out of the time you book and you can of course choose if you want tasks performed clothed, in lingerie of your choice, totally nude or perhaps as a #Frenchmaid or #Playboybunny ? For a list of all our services and prices click below for more info:

We approach every task with a good sense of humour and a smile but the bottom line is no, this is not a sexual service however if you want the company of a beautiful female or gorgeous male while they tackle those boring chores for you, make you feel good about yourself and deliver a top rated service then we could be right for you.

It's all great fun and we love new requests so if you're intrigued take a look at what our existing clients say on our feedback and five star review page and feel free to give us a buzz and find out more:

What else do you want to know?

Let me know what else you'd like to find our regarding nude cleaning services or if there are any subjects you'd like me to cover in my blogs going forward? I would be happy to involve content that's requested by you!

Thanks so much for reading and we hope to visit you soon!


Cheeky Cleaning xx

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